Release Notes


These release notes are related to Jira Plugin Version 3.0. In order to Install & Setup the Plugin on your respective Cloud/Server Instance, kindly make sure your Salesforce side package requirements are met. i.e. Sinergify Package on Salesforce should be updated to Version 4.x or above from AppExchange.

Post Update: In Some Instances Sinergify Application panel might not be visible post update. To Resolve this, Simply go to Manage Apps > Sinergify > Configuration and then click Save to save the settings.

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Jira Plugin v3.0 Release Notes:

Introducing New Layouts on the Jira Issue Details Page:

  • Compact View can be configured to showcase upto 5 frequently visited Salesforce fields for a quick reference.
  • List View can be configured and leveraged to showcase more Salesforce fields to get more information quickly.

Unlink Multiple Salesforce records.

  • Provided the ability to unlink multiple Salesforce records in one go.

Introducing ‘Feeds’

  • Added a new 'Feeds' section on the Salesforce Details Panel. This will provide the ability to 'View' & 'Post' on Salesforce feeds with the Salesforce objects linked to Jira. Feeds also support rich text. For more information, .

Features of Feed Posts Tab (Inside Salesforce Details Panel)

  1. Ability to view feed posts for Salesforce records.
  2. Ability to view comments on feed posts.
  3. Ability to change the sort order for feed posts according to created date.
  4. Ability to download attachments present in the feed posts/comments.
  5. Ability to load inline images for feed posts/comments by clicking on a link.
  6. Ability to post feed posts to Salesforce records from Jira.
  7. Rich Text Features
    • Users can format text in Bold, Italic, Underline, and Strikethrough style.
    • Users can add ordered and bullet lists.
    • Users can add hyperlinks to selected texts.
    • Users can remove all formatting for selected texts.

Limitations of Feed Posts

  1. Upto 50 feed posts can be viewed at a time.
  2. Users cannot post comments on feed posts from Jira.
  3. Rich Text Editor currently does not support the below:
    • Inserting a List (Bullet or Numbered) with more than a single indentation.
    • Inserting inline images to feed posts.
    • Selecting and inserting emojis to feed posts.
    • Searching and mentioning Salesforce Users or Groups.

Case Comments

  • Provided a new section where case comments can be posted from Jira for the linked Salesforce record.

Latest Security Standards

  • Implementation of the latest Security Standards set by Atlassian in the current release.

Easier Yet Powerful Admin Configuration

  • Added more controls for Admins to control the app behavior like to enable/disable unlinking of Salesforce records, choose the Panel View: List or Compact, and other controls related to feed posts & case comments.

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