Features | Sinergify

Published Date: 26-03-2024

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There are numerous facets that make Sinergify the best-of-breed connector for Salesforce and Jira integration. For instance, Sinergify allows integration of all standard and custom Salesforce objects, and it is the only connector that supports all the 18 languages supported by Salesforce.

Apart from the aforementioned ones, given are some of the key features of Sinergify:

  1. Create Jira: Ability to create Jira issues directly from Salesforce.
  2. View Jira issue details: Ability to view Jira Issue details directly from Salesforce.
  3. Search and Link Jira issues: Ability to Search, View and Link Jira issues through Salesforce.
  4. Feed Item Control: Link Jira issues, share comments and attachments directly from the feed tab of the object details page in Salesforce using hashtags.
  5. Bi-directional Comment Syncing: Allow seamless syncing of comments from Jira to Salesforce and vice versa.
  6. Bidirectional Attachment Flow: Enable hassle-free, two-way flow of attachments between Jira and Salesforce.
  7. Comprehensive Reporting: Fetch reports including Jira issue records and all the custom mapped field details right from Salesforce.
  8. Auto-Creation of Jira Issues: Create Jira issues/tickets automatically by using our exposed methods in your triggers or process builders.
  9. Jira Status Transitions: Update the Jira ticket statuses from Salesforce easily even if Status transition is enabled on your Jira instance. The same can be synced to your Salesforce instance.
  10. Time Tracking: Time tracking is a feature of Jira that lets your team record the time they spend working on issues within Jira. You can leverage this feature to see how long it takes to resolve a ticket, how much time has already been spent on it, and how much time is left etc.
  11. History Tracking: It provides the ability to to track Jira Field’s history data and leverage that data as per your usecase.
  12. Error Log List: It provides the ability to reinitiate the syncing of Asynchronous errors due to any system failure or data failure. The Error logs can be Re-synced in two ways .i.e Automatic, Manual.
  13. Feed tracking: It Provides ability to track Jira field updates inside Salesforce. You can configure and choose which fields to track.