Overview of Fields Configuration

Published Date: 26-03-2024

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This feature allows users to handle mappings of Jira fields with Salesforce fields. To be able to create a Jira ticket from Salesforce, Jira fields should be mapped in Salesforce.

So, here we configure and map the Jira fields that need to be made available in Salesforce. Based on the mapping done in Fields Configuration, the Jira creation page will render and users will be able to sync the values appropriately.

From the ‘Fields Configuration’ sub-tab under Admin Setting, following are the features that users can configure:

  • Project Mapping: Users can configure the mapping of Jira fields with an option to map them with Salesforce Object fields at Project Level. From this option, users can map each Jira field separately for every Jira project.
  • Global Mapping: Users can do the mapping of the Jira fields in bulk. They are given an option to map the Jira fields with any Salesforce object and map the field for multiple projects at once.
  • Sync Configuration: Sync your current admin Fields Configuration with Jira configuration to automatically update the changes.
  • Enable Reporting for Jira Field in Salesforce: Use this feature to use Jira data for Salesforce reports.
  • Default Mapping: This feature allows you to provide the default values to pass at the time of Jira creation.