Custom Objects and Usage

Published Date: 26-03-2024

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S.No Object Name Description
1. Jira Project This object stores the details of the Jira project enabled for sync. Use Admin Settings for modifications. Do not alter the details directly from the Object level.
2. Jira_ProjectFieldsMapping This object stores the field mapping done at the Object and Project level. Do not update any records directly, it may lead to an interruption in integration.
3. Jira_FieldSection It is used to create/manage the layout of the Jira Detail page in Salesforce.
4. Rule Set This object is used to store Jira-SFDC criteria logic to auto-select Jira projects. Also, this object stores the criteria for validation, which are to be filled before a user can create a Jira issue; an error notification will appear if the validation rule is not met.
5. Child Rule Set A helper object to RuleSet to store the entry of each criterion related to the ruleset.
6. JiraIssue The details of the Jira tickets are stored in this object.
7. JiraRelationship This acts as a junction object between Jira issue object and other Salesforce objects to which Jira creation and association is configured.
8. Comment Jira comments are stored in this object.
9. JiraErrorLogs If any transaction related to integration fails, those logs are stored in this Object.
10. CaseJiraHelper It is used to store the issue key of comment and attachment sent through case.
11. Search Adoption It is used to store information related to Predefined Sinergify adoption Reports .
12. JiraAttachmentController It is used to track the object through which the attachment is being sent.
13. JiraCommentController It is used to track the object through which the Comment is being sent.
14. GlobalProjectMapping It is used to store the data of the GlobalProject Mapping screen.