Getting Started

Published Date: 12-02-2024

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Sinergify is a powerful connector for Salesforce and Jira integration offering a broad range of integration possibilities. Upon successful completion of the Installation process, configuring Sinergify is next to get started with it.

Note: Our team also offers assistance in configuration and setup if a customer needs it. Customizations can also be done in case a customer needs a tailored Sinergify instance.

While configuring Sinergify there are certain configurations that need to be done at the end of Salesforce Admin. For example: If you want to enable syncing of attachment or if you want to make the case comments public or want to keep them private.

So, let’s take a peek at what Admin Settings in Sinergify include.

Admin Settings

Installing and getting started with Sinergify is no rocket science. Sinergify springs into action once the setup/configuration process is completed. Major configuration processes are:

Admin Configuration: Establish the connection between Salesforce and Jira. Admins can manage and control the syncing of data from Salesforce to Jira and vice versa.

Project Configuration: Manage Jira projects and their permissions from Salesforce.

Fields Configuration: Build the Jira detail page in Salesforce and manage what fields need to be made visible in Salesforce.

Validation Configuration: Control the creation of Jira issues by validating the Salesforce Fields.

Rule Set Configuration: Define rule criteria for auto-assignment of projects at time of Jira creation.