Getting Started

Published Date: 14-02-2024

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Sinergify is a powerful connector for Salesforce and Jira integration offering a broad range of integration possibilities. After installation, configuring Sinergify is next to get started with it.

Note: Our team also offers assisted implementation in case a customer needs it. Customizations can also be done in case a customer needs a tailored Sinergify instance.

There are several configurations that need to be done by Salesforce Admins like enabling syncing of attachment, making case comments public or keeping those private, etc.

So, let’s take a peek at what Admin Settings in Sinergify include.

Admin Settings

Installing and getting started with Sinergify is no rocket science. Sinergify springs into action once the setup/configuration process is completed. Major configuration processes are:

Authentication & Instance Management: Establish linking between Salesforce and Jira. Admins can manage and control the syncing of data from Salesforce to Jira and vice versa. Multiple Jira instances can also be linked to a single Salesforce Org.

Note:To enable linking of more than one Jira instance please contact [email protected].

Project Configuration: Manage Jira projects and their permissions from Salesforce.

Fields Configuration: Build the Jira detail page in Salesforce and manage what fields need to be made visible in Salesforce.

Validation Configuration: Control the creation of Jira issues by validating the Salesforce Fields.

Rule Set Configuration: Define rule criteria for auto-assignment of Jira to the projects.